Shannon Brenton
Naturopath, Clinical Nutritionist, Supplement Formulator

I have worked very closely with Paul Peachey over the past 13+ years, ofte`n with some of my most difficult patients with problems no one else could fix. From seizing disorders right through to Migraine, Fibromyalgia & shin splints, Paul has always been my go-to. His passion and determination are testament to the love of his own craft, and simply put, Paul has taken SLM further than any of his peers and made it his own. You can trust Paul with your body as I have always trusted him with mine and those of my clinical patients.

Thank you Paul. The Central Coast is truly blessed to have you on their side…

Adam Harvey

It has been a pleasure to know Paul for the past 10 years, during this time he has always conducted himself professionally and willing to share his wealth of knowledge when it comes to overall health and fitness. Paul has not only helped me overcome my injuries, but has also treated my wife and 2 children with their injuries, numerous times. Paul is an extremely conscientious, caring & intuitive person, who has proven to be not only an expert in his field but an absolute godsend to my entire family.  We are forever grateful for his expertise.

Tomas Elliot
Australian Representative Swimmer

Paul Peachy is my only trusted point of contact for all injuries. Swimming at an international level presents risk of injury from pushing my body to its limits in training. This happens to all elite swimmers, with the most common being back and shoulder problems. Paul has been able to fix 100% of injuries I’ve endured with usually only 1 muscle therapy appointment. I regard Paul as the best in his craft and am grateful for his services.
Tomas Elliot – Australian Representative Swimmer

Mackenzie Sivyer
NSW Gridiron Player

Mackenzie Sivyer has been a client of Paul Peachey’s since 2010 from the age of 10. Over these years she has won National and State titles in gymnastics. Since retiring from gymnastics Mackenzie has chosen a new sporting path in Gridiron. After one season of playing with her club she won rookie of the year and was picked in the NSW squad for the national title this year (2018). She hopes to continue on this path with the aim of competing for Australia in the 2021 World Championships. Mackenzie chooses Paul to facilitate all her muscle imbalances and injuries

John Wall

Without Peter Peachey Working on my body prior to the world championships in 2016 I would never made it… to walk away as I did with a Gold Medal is certainly a testament to his brilliance.

Tori West

I would not be in sport had it not been for Paul & Peter’s Muscle Therapy. In 2015 I experience 18 months of chronic Plantar Fasciitis. Before Paul, I had done everything I thought possible to fix my problem – Physios, Foot Specialists, Sports Doctors, Massages, Shockwave Therapy and Cortisone. Long story short, my right leg was shorter than my left (none of the specialist I seen identified this). After the third session with Paul, I woke up for the first time in 18 months with no pain in my foot. Since, I have gone from unranked to #2 in the heptathlon in the 2017/18 season

Milano Long
9 time National Waterski Champion

I am a regular client of Paul Peachey. The treatment assists me in my training and fast recovery. Thank you for all my help and guidance.

Sunny Star
Under 15yr Old State Champion – Triathlons

I can honestly recommend Peter Peachey to anyone looking for treatment in assistance with constant imbalances & injuries dealing with high level training. Before I started muscle therapy treatment with Peter I was constantly injured, now I am pain free and excelling at my sport.

Ken Dixon
5 times World Thai Kwong Do Champion

I met Pail while training at the gym, Paul noticed an imbalance in my posture and explained how this would lead to a sciatica problem if not attended to. Not long after I was suffering from just that, sciatica pain. I booked 3 appointments and could not believe the transformation back to recovery and full time training. Thank you so much!

Bronte Campbell
100m & 200m NSW U18’s Champion

Thank you Peter Peachey for your treatment that assisted in my recovery. My foot fractures have healed and this allowed me to reach my goals.

Aanika Milne
World Over 35 400m Hurdles Champion

I am happy to say that I love it, I find it incredibly beneficial for training, performance and general wellbeing. I would happily recommend this type of treatment.

Ali Tucker & Michelle Ingram
World Sprint & Flag Champions Surf Life Saving

We found this treatment extremely beneficial for treatment of injury and performance enhancement. We would recommend Peter & Paul Peachey for anyone looking for a sporting edge.

I want to thank you very much for what you have given me. You have given me, in three hours, a new life! I suffered a major stroke. After nearly 2 years I had managed to get my body back together with the help of many specialist in different fields. However, I still had difficulties. I had a right arm that I could not raise able my head and a poor limp with my right leg. They were physical things. I also suffered terrible fatigue. I slept nine or tens hours per night and still had to have a nap during the day. I was on anti-anxiety pills along with my blood pressures ones. After three one hour sessions with you my right arm is as good as my left and I have no limp. I sleep for eight hours a night. I have energy. Thank you again. Please give my phone number to anyone who wants to check I am real!
Peta Moeller

I am writing to you to thank you for completely healing my plantar fasciitis last year and also your treatment of my sore shins. I had tried everything to heal the pain of my plantar fasciitis prior to coming to you and had no success. After just two treatments I was back running and have no soreness since.

Before coming to you my training was very inconsistent due to body soreness and tiredness. I can now train as hard as I need to and also benefit better from my hard training. It is amazing how good I feel after your treatment.

After receiving your treatment I decreased my 5km track time from 16:00 to 15:30 and also PD’s my Olympic distance triathlon time posting 1:53:30.

If anyone comes to me and tells me they are injured I always refer them to you.

By far the best money I have ever spend for my triathlon career and I will continue to use your treatment.

Jack Moxey – Pro Triathlete

I first meet Paul Peachey in 2004 through my husband and his sport as my husband attended Paul’s clinic and came back shouting his praises.  I was sceptical, but relented and made an appointment, this was the day that would change my view of muscle and body treatment for ever.

After many months of pain, suffering and frustration whilst competing in many sports over a number of years. I began seeing a local physiotherapist who could not offer a reason or in fact a solution.  I was told to take a rest (6 months was prescribed), this was a devastating blow to my enthusiasm and desire to compete.

I attended Paul’s clinic and was not prepared for what I would endure, this included a painful session of intensive massage.   Paul did not only address the issues in my arms, he did though concentrate on many other areas which included my back, hips and legs. I left with sore muscles, but with that I could feel some changes.  I attended four sessions with Paul and to my amazement all pain in my elbows and arms subsided. I was converted and grateful for Paul’s understanding of how my treatment would proceed. I then began a maintenance program where I would visit Paul on a regular basis.

I have reached the highest level of my sport possible, this has included 5 Australian Natural Body Building titles and 2 World titles.  I will again compete in Masters Competition, and will remain one of Paul’s clients. I have faith in his methods and have myself become a Massage Therapist and now completing a degree in Exercise Physiology, by understanding balance and biomechanics as I have learnt through Paul, I have gained valuable insight from his work and will be forever grateful.
Jennifer Wickham – Elite Athlete

I would like to Thank Paul Peachey who has changed my life forever. I was given 6-12 months to live due to the high level of morphine I was consuming from migraine suffering, this had been going on for over 16 years.  I was on 2400 ml of morphine over a 24hour period. 16 years, 50 plus doctors and 7 suicide attempts. Now for the first time I am grateful my suicide attempts had failed.

Thank you for saving my life, Wendy and I will always be grateful.

Peter Higgins

I had injured my back severely – two crushed vertebra. I was in chronic severe pain, could barely walk, sitting could only be done for short periods and was unable to sleep through the night.  To add to all of this stress, I was scheduled for major back surgery in 10 days.  They couldn’t guarantee that after the $50,000.00 plus procedure that I would be pain-free and have my mobility back.  This was when I decided I would look into Muscle Therapy and see what Paul could do for me. 

I was skeptical of course. I didn’t know what muscle therapy was, or what it entailed or what I could expect.  I was looking for answers and results, and the established medical model of GPs and specialist were falling short of what I required.  I had tried several sessions of remedial massage.  Yes, they were relaxing but largely ineffectual.  I still had pain and the mobility issues. 

But – not Paul’s muscle therapy.  It was anything but relaxing, but it was so very effective.  Everything Paul did was logical, well explained and so very beneficial.  I had massive results from the first session and after the second I canceled the major back surgery.  After the Muscle Therapy sessions the chronic pain is gone and on most days I have none.  I have more flexibility now than I did a decade ago.  With my mobility back and little or no pain, I have been able to use the hydrotherapy pool and work out.  Being able to do that has allowed me to go from 128 kg down to 79 kg.  Was it hard work?  Yes!  But – so worth all the effort.

But here’s the big take away.  If it wasn’t for the muscle therapy, instruction, mentoring and coaching Paul provided: None of these various achievements I accomplished physiologically would have been possible.  Those accomplishments also provided a brighter psychological outlook.  What a difference that made!  Just ask family and friends.  Thank you – Paul.  You have helped me reclaim an additional dozen years or more to my life. 

Paul is professional, knowledgeable, full of wisdom, understanding and personable.  I’d definitely recommend him!  I have told dozens of people about muscle therapy and Paul’s practice.  The feedback I get from everyone that has had sessions of muscle therapy is:  “Why didn’t you make me go sooner.”  For example, one individual who had the back surgery and was still in pain and still had mobility issues received four sessions and her pain was just about gone and she was back to being able to do the things she hadn’t been able to do for years.  Every time I see her she gets on my case as to why I didn’t force her to go.  That I think shows you why you need to check this out.  Give Paul a call now!  You will not be disappointed!
David M. Fisher Dobbin

I was selected to trial for the Australian sevens side to play in the IRB series.  I was selected but only as a shadow player because they saw me as an injury risk due to my shin splints and torn calf muscles.  I saw Paul Peachey just before going to Noosa and the Gold Coast with the team and in 2 visits Paul completely healed my calf muscles and dramatically reduced my shin splints.  As a result I was selected to play for the Team in Dubai.

I saw physios & doctors and the treatment was all the same.  They would work on the area and then tell me to stretch it out.  After just one session with Paul I woke up the next day and could not believe how better I felt.  It was the first time in 2 years I had woken up and got out of bed without stiffness or aches & pains.

I would and have recommended Paul to anyone who will listen as I have found him to be invaluable in my ability to perform at my best on the rugby field and I will continue to visit him as long as he is working.
Trent Dyer

Just writing to thank-you for doing what many doctors have failed to diagnose and many physio’s have failed to fix over a ten year period. I find it hard to understand how the complete medical system was unable to do what you did in three 1 hour sessions. Keep up the good work as you must save so many people from years of misery.

I would also like to thank-you for your wonderful help in curing my son’s sever sciatica which had reduced his life to total despair. He is now completely recovered and back to work and like me totally disillusioned with the medical ‘profession’ that did nothing to help him.
John Bedwell

Paul just a quick thank you for the pain relief you have given me. As you know I was referred to you by a friend when he seen me in pain and limping. I have seen many specialists from gastro to Neuro-surgeons, I have fractured my necks in two places, crushed 2 vertebrates in they thoracic spine area and have two diffused disc bulges in lower back area.

When I first heard of relief you had given my friend I was skeptical, but as I had given up and spent a fortune on medicines, CT scans and X-Rays with no relief I though why not, as mentioned earlier I came to you with limp and sore back and unexplained liver problems. Now approximately 6 months later I run 3-5kms daily and exercise in the gym every other day, my liver function test appear normal again.

I am indeed grateful of the level of service and relief you have provided me.

Phillip Nash

I wanted to write to say thanks for your treatment to rectify a recurring tear in my left calf muscle. I’m happy to say after my 2 visits I have been injury fee and competing stronger than ever.

Only a week after my second visit I won my age category (55-59) in the Sydney Sprint Series Triathlon running an 18:27 for the 5km run leg. Since then I have won the Canberra Olympic Distance Triathlon and more recently I won the Australian age group championships in Perth. As a result of this win I have been selected to represent Australia at the world titles to be held on the Gold Coast in September.

I feel I would not have been able to compete as successfully without your treatment & I am very grateful for your expertise.

I also took your advise and purchased a pair of Newton running shoes which I wore for the first time in the Perth event. I ran 40:10 for the 10km run leg which was the second fastest time for all competitors over 50 years of age.

Again a big thanks for your time and expertise.
Rob Picken

Thank you for your treatment Peter. I cancelled my neck surgery and am now pain free.
I can recommend you to anyone suffering from chronic pain, please consider this type of treatment before surgery.
Chris Swan

Great really helps my whole body.
Whitecoat.com Review – 27th April 2018

Always feel a million dollars after leaving. Have recommended Paul Peachy to a variety of people based on my own positive results from seeing him regularly. It is difficult to get an appointment if I haven’t pre-booked but this is simply because nobody cancels. In contrast I have been debilitated and Paul has made time for me. Thank you!
Whitecoat.com Review – 4th April 2018

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